The Tardiness of Dr Woodforde

12 Dec

By Peter Steere In my researches into the Medical Officers of Health (MOH) of Berkshire in the late nineteenth century I’ve come across a character that exasperated the civil servants of the Local Government Board. I first noted Dr William … Read More »

The Suspicions of Mr Topp

10 Aug

By Chris Jones In May 1824 a labouring man of Tunbridge Wells put a halter around his wife’s neck and led her to the market place. There he sold her to the highest bidder for £3. This practice of ‘wife-selling’ … Read More »

Fifty-five is the New Twenty-five

10 Aug

By Sue Jones Getting old is a curious business. Bette Davies’ view was that ‘old age ain’t no place for sissies.’ And Terry Pratchett’s that ‘inside every old person is a young one wondering what happened.’ As someone who is … Read More »

Families and Histories

22 Apr

By Dr Jonathan Healey. Family history and local history are more intertwined now than they ever have been. We don’t have a ‘typical’ student on our local and social history courses at Oxford, but a lot of our historians started … Read More »