‘Learning from Hong Kong’ By Daniel Elsea, MSc student

HK new town towers

I have found myself recently looking to what I consider my second home – Hong Kong – for a fairly straightforward formula for how our increasingly affluent planet could quickly learn to consume less: a very specific type of intensive urbanisation that is Continue reading

‘Valuing part-time postgraduate studies?’ by Dr David Howard, MSc course director and lecturer


John Johnson Collection, Bodleian Library, University of Oxford

Funding for postgraduate studies is making the news. Innovative entrepreneur, Juan Guerra, has recently been awarded a Centenary Venture Award by the Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce (the RSA) for devising Studentfunder, an online means for facilitating the costs of post-graduate study and the pursuit of further professional education. Guerra recognised the paucity of funding for financing further studies, as have many Universities in the UK, and beyond.

Universities and some educational funding bodies have increasingly focused on raising scholarships to assist postgraduate research, but this  Continue reading

‘Hong Kong and the protection of immigrant domestic workers’ by Dr Johanna Waters, MSc lecturer

Migrant Workers (c) Rex Pe

Migrant Workers (c) Rex Pe

Social equity has to be at the heart of any vision of sustainable urbanism.

There is also a balance to be struck between ‘freedom’ (whether market or individual) and necessary constraints if sustainability is to be an attainable goal. In the following piece, I explore one issue that at the very least should raise questions about social equity and the sustainability of Continue reading

‘Future Cities Unbox Labs 2014’ by Swati Janu, MSc student

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What will our future cities look like? Whether they will be zero-carbon communities, socially inclusive societies, underwater cities or all of the above, one thing is certain – it is not possible for only architects or even economists to envision a sustainable city in isolation. It requires a collaborative, inter-disciplinary approach, similar to the one that the MSUD course is tailored around. Continue reading

Welcome to the Sustainable Urban Development Blog

shutterstock_124831474Welcome to the Sustainable Urban Development programme at the University of Oxford.

This blog mirrors the interdisciplinarity of the postgraduate programme for part-time students of sustainable urbanism at Oxford. It serves as a forum for MSc and DPhil students, urban practitioners and academics to share their ideas, critiques and experiences of present and future city living and the built environment. Continue reading