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shutterstock_124831474Welcome to the Sustainable Urban Development programme at the University of Oxford.

This blog mirrors the interdisciplinarity of the postgraduate programme for part-time students of sustainable urbanism at Oxford. It serves as a forum for MSc and DPhil students, urban practitioners and academics to share their ideas, critiques and experiences of present and future city living and the built environment.

Cities are at the forefront of global and local challenges and opportunities, past and present. The impact of climate change, global poverty, and increasing energy demands are all set to place the city – and its growing population – under immense strain.

Sustainable urban development aims to present innovative urban solutions by incorporating these complex global challenges with shared concerns for the social, economic and environmental well-being of urban communities. Hence, the field draws upon research and expertise from across disciplines, creating conversations amongst design and planning, law and economics, business and politics, and science and technology.

The Sustainable Urban Development programme at Oxford emerged from the Department for Continuing Education’s MSc in Sustainable Urban Development (MSUD). MSUD was launched in 2010, and an active core of students and alumni has evolved. Over the years the course has connected students and speakers from across the world to study and learn from one another in Oxford and London at the Prince’s Foundation for Building Community, with whom the course is partnered. A number of students now also embark on research in sustainable urban development with the Department for Continuing Education DPhil programme.

The programme’s academic team, Drs Idalina Baptista, David Howard and Jo Waters, have rich research interests that span topics including governing urbanization and infrastructure in African cities, international and transnational population migration, and urban societies of the Caribbean and Latin America.

We hope that this blog encourages readers to join our students, staff and alumni to debate and express views and test their ideas towards sustainable urban futures.

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