‘Future Cities Unbox Labs 2014’ by Swati Janu, MSc student

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What will our future cities look like? Whether they will be zero-carbon communities, socially inclusive societies, underwater cities or all of the above, one thing is certain – it is not possible for only architects or even economists to envision a sustainable city in isolation. It requires a collaborative, inter-disciplinary approach, similar to the one that the MSUD course is tailored around. Continue reading

Welcome to the Sustainable Urban Development Blog

shutterstock_124831474Welcome to the Sustainable Urban Development programme at the University of Oxford.

This blog mirrors the interdisciplinarity of the postgraduate programme for part-time students of sustainable urbanism at Oxford. It serves as a forum for MSc and DPhil students, urban practitioners and academics to share their ideas, critiques and experiences of present and future city living and the built environment. Continue reading