‘Report on Workshop “African Dreams”, University of Oxford, 8 June 2015’ by Idalina Baptista

(c) Arne Hoel / World Bank via Flickr

(c) Arne Hoel / World Bank via Flickr

Last June we had the pleasure of hosting here in Oxford the research workshop African Dreams: Imaginations of urban life and infrastructure in the African metropolis. The event was organized with the support of Oxford’s John Fell Fund, the African Studies Centre, the Oxford Programme for the Future of Cities, our own Sustainable Urban Development programme, and the generosity of Mozambican photographer Mauro Pinto, who lent his work to illustrate our event.

The main purpose of the workshop was to take infrastructure as a focal point for discussing the future of urbanization in the African continent, particularly in Sub-Saharan Africa. According to a 2010 report by the World Bank Continue reading

‘Learning from Hong Kong’ By Daniel Elsea, MSc student

HK new town towers

I have found myself recently looking to what I consider my second home – Hong Kong – for a fairly straightforward formula for how our increasingly affluent planet could quickly learn to consume less: a very specific type of intensive urbanisation that is Continue reading