MSt alumnus Sam Guglani “On the Given Word” in the Lancet

SGMSt alumnus Sam Guglani’s piece “On the Given Word” has been published in the Lancet.

“She’s admitted with pneumonia and within days is with us on the intensive care unit, needing renal filtering and inotropes. One night her airway occludes and a few of us work around her, as if gathered in prayer …”

Read the rest on The Lancet‘s site.

MSt tutor Eileen Horne’s “Zola and the Victorians” published, 12th November 2015

MSt tutor Eileen Horne’s Zola and the Victorians  published by Maclehose Press, is available from 12th November 2015.

From the Maclehose Press page: “…this book offers both new readers and aficionados the untold story of Zola’s original reception in England: ‘When the filthy French met the Virtuous Victorians’… This lively, often humorous, ironic, and ultimately tragic exploration of the consequences of both translation and censorship is told from multiple points of view, illustrated with a wealth of contemporary cartoons and illustrations and is based on a rich trove of letters, trial transcripts, journals and manuscripts. “

MSt tutor Eileen Horne’s radio drama “The Lost Sister”, broadcast on 6 Nov 2015 now on iPlayer

MSt tutor Eileen Horne’s radio drama “The Lost Sister”, broadcast on 6th Novembe 2015 on Radio 4, is now available on iPlayer

From the programme page: “A family drama and detective story, this is the author’s unflinching account of her search for a sister more abandoned than lost – exploring the consequences of our fear of mental illness as she relives a turbulent past.”