MSt tutor Anna Beer to give Fulbright Frontier Lecture, “Right Place, Right Time? Women Composers and Their Creative Communities”, 17 May 2016.

MSt tutor Anna Beer will be speaking on Right Place, Right Time? Women Composers and Their Creative Communities

The lecture, a Fulbright Frontiers Lecture, will take place in Rewley House, 1 Wellington Square, Oxford OX1 2JA.

Join Anna and attendees at 5 pm for tea and coffee. The bar will be open after the lecture concludes at 6:30 pm.

Anna’s book, Sounds and Sweet Airs, has been described by The Guardian as  ” a timely bulwark against forgetting, and proffers a number of reasons for the fading of female artists’ reputations … This book helps show why a narrative that insists that the good stuff will naturally and always rise to the surface is simplistic. It is important for us all, composers, musicians, audiences, men, women, society at large, that we seek out the best and most exciting creative voices, from wherever they may come”.
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More information on the lecture and how to register.