MSt alumnus Sam Guglani’s “Histories” to be published by Quercus, November 2017

MSt alumnus Sam Guglani’s Histories to be published by Quercus in November 2017.

From Janklow & Nesbit:

Histories is a hypnotic portrait of life in one hospital, over one week, where we witness charged encounters within the emotional and physical world of medicine, as characters go through the motions of their everyday existence: Dev, a consultant physician, prepares for his morning clinic; Jane, a hairdresser and patient, lulls in and out of consciousness; old insecurities surface as Seb and Ben, junior doctors together from day one, try to save a man from dying. These are only some of the stories that so seamlessly connect and collide. It’s an unforgettable panorama of being. Sam Guglani’s prose has the raw intensity of poetry; every page of this novel sucks you in and demands intense emotional investment. ”

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