MSt alumna MJ Holmes’s novella “Don’t Tell the Bees” published by Ad Hoc Fiction

MSt alumna MJ Holmes’s novella Don’t Tell the Bees , which won the Bath Novella-in-Flash Award has been published by Ad Hoc Fiction.

The judge of the Bath Novella-in-Flash Award , Michael Loveday, said:

WThe winning novella is a story of a young girl (called No-more) and a village community in France, around the time of the Second World War. It’s full of nostalgia for old rural ways, and, in passing, a nuanced description of the impact of industrial progress. There’s a charming fairy-tale quality, a satisfying come-uppance for a villainous character, and every page positively oozes with fondness for its characters. The novella adopts a classic novella-in-flash form, with each chapter a self-contained world of its own, a distinct moment in time, but its absolute originality is expressed in the characters’ eccentric qualities, the richly textured language, the blending of history with fable, and the way that its fragments collectively evoke the whole story of a village and way of life. Amongst a raft of brilliant manuscripts, this was the story I found myself most eagerly returning to, cherishing each time the writer’s deft skills. “

You can read about it and order it from Ad Hoc