MSt tutor Ben Brown’s play A Splinter of Ice at the Jermyn Theatre

“Moscow, 1987. As the Cold War begins to thaw, one of the great novelists of the twentieth century, Graham Greene, meets his old MI6 boss and notorious Soviet spy, Kim Philby. The two men raise their vodka glasses and talk about old times. How much did Greene know about Philby’s ways? Did the Red Spy betray his old friend as much as he did his own country? And who is listening in the room next door…?”

A Splinter Of Ice arrives at the Jermyn Theatre on 14-30 October after an acclaimed national tour. Ben Brown‘s political drama is directed by Alan Strachan with Alastair Whatley, and stars Olivier Award winner Oliver Ford Davies (Game of Thrones) as Graham Greene, Stephen Boxer (The Crown) as Kim Philby, with Karen Ascoe as his wife Rufa.

A Co-production with Original Theatre. More details here.