MSt students win prizes in Nobel Laureate-founded Oxford-BNU Creative Writing Award

First prize in the inaugural Oxford-BNU Creative Writing Award was awarded to MSt student Megan Chester, for her work ‘Girl, Woman, River.’

Megan said, this ‘came as a wonderful surprise and a timely encouragement! I believe that there is a place for women in sports literature, and it is affirming to now know that others agree with me.’

High Commendations were also awarded to MSt students Emma Latham for ‘The Anatomical Venus,’ and Joanne Szilagyi for ‘An Invented Account of the Near-Death, Life and Death of Leslie Kong.’

Speaking collectively for the judges, chair Boyd Tonkin praised the competition shortlist for fiction which ‘roamed so freely around different genres, voices and registers.’ The authors, he said ‘were bold. They were inventive. They took risks. They bent rules. They showed that fiction, even short fiction, really is a garden where a hundred flowers can bloom.’

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