MSt students Anna Seidel & Caroline King advocate for interdisciplinary convergence with their platform The Napkin Poetry Review

Though the pandemic has posed many challenges for students, it has also bred virtual community building leading to innovative ideas and creative ventures.

One such virtual project brought to life by MSt student Anna Seidel and alumna Caroline King is The Napkin Poetry Review: a unique platform advocating for interdsciplinary convergence, polymathic thinking and the power of poetic language in communicating these ideals. In just over a year, their project has grown into a community attracting c.2,000 online readers and destination for consultation and artistic collaboration surrounding poetry and its science as well as how to break down barriers between academic disciplines.

This past summer, co-founders Anna Seidel and Caroline King were asked to develop an artistic installation and poetic design concept to be presented globally for Louis Vuitton as part of their “visionaries” initiative to celebrate the 200th birthday of Mr. Vuitton himself.
Beyond the unique visual design of the journal, the pair also pursue questions around the science and power of poetry as a mental framework and thinking tool. This exploration has been fueled by conversations with scientists, artists, and innovators like Amanda Gorman, Dana Gioia, Dr. Marcelo Gleiser, Dr. Eugene Wassiliwisky, and Alexi Lubomirski to learn more about how they’ve studied poetry and incorporated it into their daily lives.

If you are a cross-disciplinary academic, visual artist, poet or cultural organization and want to exchange, you can reach The Napkin Poetry Review at:

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