“How to get Published” session, chaired by MSt Director, Dr Clare Morgan

Dr Clare Morgan: (LMH and Kellogg College), novelist, literary critic and Director of the MSt in Creative Writing
Dr Angus Philips: (Exeter), author of The Future of the Book in the Digital Age and Director of Publishing Studies at Oxford Brookes
Caroline Wood: Agent and Director at the Felicity Bryan literary agency
Juliet Mabey: founder of Oneworld Publications

Venue: Edmond Safra, Said Business School
Date: Saturday 19 September
Timings: 11.45am-1pm Panel discussion and Q&A

Session description:

The gateway to publishing fiction has for centuries been guarded by a relatively small number of editors, publishers and magazine proprietors, leaving first-time writers to navigate the dos and don’ts of submission protocol in order to stand out among an ever-growing crowd. Now, with the emergence of self-publishing and digital platforms as legitimate vehicles for new works, what options are available to emerging writers? In this session, our panel of experts will discuss traditional as well as alternative means of getting published – and the best ways to improve your chances of finding the right publisher for your work.