MSt alumna Susie Campbell’s pamphlet “The Frock Enquiry” launch, 23rd October 2015

MSt alumna Susie Campbell’s second pamphlet, published by Annexe Magazine, will be launched in

London: 23rd October, at Vout-O-Rennes.  7pm. The event that  will include a celebration of Annexe Magazine over the years.  (entry free)
Oxford: 8th November,  Albion Beatnik Bookshop, 7 pm (entry fee £2).

The pamphlet is being hand typeset and bound in Oxford. Each of the first limited-edition copies includes a piece of vintage sewing pattern bound into it.

JT Welsch’s The Ruin  will be launched with Susie’s pamphlet.


“Susie Campbell’s The Frock Enquiry uses the Enquiry into Women’s Work by The Women’s Industrial Council 1900-15 as its backbone. It imagines how these working women might have constructed voices for themselves out of the language of their work – taking it apart and reassembling it to forge a new and ‘unnatural’ rhetoric of interrogation, myth and protest.

JT Welsch’s The Ruin is set in the ruins of Tunisia and jumps between Carthage, old Star Wars sets, empty hotels, and the footsteps of other visiting artists and writers, exploring and raising difficult questions on the role of tourism and cultural appropriation in the wake of the 2011 revolution.”


To pre-order the pamphlet, visit this site.